Logic App Service Bus connector caveat

I’m working on a project where we are building an ESB on the Microsoft Azure platform.

We ran into a little “quirk” that ended up costing us some time, so I thought I’d put a post together for the benefit of anyone else that may run into it. Granted you need to be doing things in a very specific manner in order to experience it, but we managed!

We have an on-ramp service that does a variety of things. When it is done, it posts the incoming message to a Service Bus topic (determined by the Rules service). The idea is that there would be subscriber(s) that would pick up the message. The problem was that although the message in the on-ramp was valid XML, the message as received by a Service Bus connector in my Logic App was receiving invalid XML. Why?? What’s up with this?

It turned out that our wonderful valid XML message was being inexplicably prefixed with the string @\u0006string\b3\u000b”, and suffixed with some extraneous characters too.



After much digging and looking around, I came across a post that explained it. Our core issue was the way were creating a brokered message (seems like a perfectly valid thing to do), and once we switched to the stream approach to message creation listed in the blog post, everything started working as expected.

You can find details here in this post by Bruno Câmara:

Thanks Bruno!


Azure SDK for .NET updated

Version 2.7 of the Azure SDK for .NET just released yesterday.



New webcasts from Azure Logic Apps team

(if you don’t know what Azure Logic Apps are, you can read about them here)

The Microsoft Azure Logic Apps team has started doing monthly webcasts, the first of which was yesterday. In that webcast they talk about what’s new, and what’s coming. If you’re an “Azure person” or an “integration person”, you want to be aware of this exciting new capability.

You can watch the webcast at


Integrate 2014! The Global BizTalk Summit, Microsoft Campus, WA. Dec 3 - 5, 2014



This is a conference focused on integration, both on-prem with BizTalk Server but also in the cloud with Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services. There is a stellar lineup of speakers, including ScottGu.

Content-wise this event is primarily Microsoft driven,  the first 2 days of sessions will come from the product group.  There will be some important product announcements, vision and road map keynotes from top Microsoft executives.

This event is one of the key milestones for the Microsoft product group and all the partners and ISV’s who work in BizTalk/Integration space. This is the message from product group for the attendees

This is our event, and our collective energy and ownership will make “INTEGRATE” our best summit ever.  Thank you for your support and participation!  All the best!  Mark and Guru

High Level Agenda


  • Executive keynotes outlining Microsoft vision and roadmap
  • Technical deep-dives with product group and industry experts
  • Product announcements
  • Real-world demonstrations from lighthouse customers
  • Round-table discussions + Q&A
  • Partner Showcase Sessions
  • We are also planning hands-on labs us to roll up our sleeves and experience new capabilities
  • Networking and social activities

They are expecting around 350-400 people to attend this event from across the globe.

Event Details

  • 3-Day Event – Wednesday – Friday, December 3-5, 2014
  • Event Location –  Microsoft Campus, Redmond WA

You can get full details and register at

See you there?


BizTalk 2013R2 now RTM

At TechEd this week, it was announced that BizTalk Server 2013 had been released to manufacturing.

In addition to the usual platform synchronization (including Visual Studio 2013), there are some exciting new features (including JSON support).

You can read about it here:


New Azure Portal (preview)

There was a LOT of new Azure enhancements and capabilities announced at the recent Build conference.

I won’t rehash everything that was said (all the content is available online), however, one of the things that got me most excited was the new portal experience. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a great video that shows it off:


Happy 10th Birthday to my Blog

Hard to believe, but I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, my first post being Oct 29 2003. I have done 251 blog posts.

A lot has changed in that time, technologies have come and gone, the world is a very different place than it was back then.

Time marches on, and so will this blog!