BizTalk Server 2004 Launches, look out world!

Allright, I get it now, a blog is something that you update every month, right? :)

So, did you all notice how the sky seems a bit bluer this week? That's because BizTalk Server 2004 launched last Tuesday. There's a huge amount of buzz... I have a Dice profile that normally picks up one BizTalk listing a day. Last Saturday there were 9 (!). There's a series of webcasts available now at MSDN, if you're interested in seeing more then check them out. This is VERY significant technology, and the future is looking very bright indeed. I am now fully eating/breathing/sleeping in this BizTalk world. The Boston conference appearance last week was a success, my contribution to the book is almost done (YEAH!!!!), and it should be out around TechEd if everyone else gets their parts done.

I'm also now juggling multiple BizTalk projects for Neudesic (my day job, and a go-to partner for BizTalk). We're kicking butt, having fun, and helping customers solve real business problems with BizTalk. Lastly, I'll be speaking at TechEd-US on BizTalk Server 2004 and Web services.

And... I am now a Microsoft MVP for (you guessed it!) BizTalk Server.

Is that enough BizTalk for you :) There's actually more brewing that I can't talk about yet. So, how can I cram 36 hours into a day? I could be so much more productive.

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