Amazon Web Services, BizTalk presentation, San Diego .NET User Group gives away XBox 360

I brought in Jeff Barr, Web services evangelist for, to speak at tonight’s meeting of the San Diego Software Industry council Web services special interest group. He did an awesome presentation and had the audience fully engaged.




I found it interesting that I was looking forward to his presentation from a technical standpoint, yet found my mind spinning off in different directions seeing new business opportunities that could be made possible by leveraging the Amazon Web services. It was a VERY VERY cool and enlightening meeting. I noticed too that when Jeff got to the part about how to sign up for a developer account, most people in the audience wrote it down. The team at Amazon really has done a great job of moving towards the “programmable Web site”.




Next up in San Diego, I will do my once-every-two-years presentation at my own user group, on…. Surprise surprise…. BizTalk. To help entice developers who still don’t understand why they should care about BizTalk (yes, I know you’re out there, and I still plan to post something aimed at you folks), we are going to be giving away an XBox 360!!! If you miss that, we’ll be giving away another XBox 360 at our next conference on Oct 7th. Details at Before you pepper me with emails and comments… they will be vouchers redeemable after general availability happens.

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