BizTalk Tip: Commenting out shapes in orchestrations

Tip: temporarily commenting out chunks of an orchestration

Some of you will read this and say “doh, isn’t that obvious to everyone?”. Others will smack their foreheads and say “hey, what a cool tip”. So, to half of you: sorry to state the obvious, and to the other half: you’re very welcome.

Often while developing an orchestration it may be useful to “comment out” some of the steps. But… there is no “right-click route-around-this” capability on shapes, so what can you do?

You could make a copy of the orchestration, but a simple/easier/faster way is just through in a “decide” shape, make the condition “true==false”, then drag the shapes you want out of the flow into the false branch.

Of course, everything still needs to be compileable….

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