Feb 29 2012 Outage Explanation

There was an Azure outage on Feb 29th. While these things can happen, it was really refreshing to see the openness and degree of detail in the explanation of the root cause analysis and the events that followed. The post will also give you some technical insights into what goes on behind the scenes.

You can read about it here:

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The UK press and some of the global press chielfy reported this in terms of the outage of a single application (UK government CloudStore which had been launched a week or so previously). I was running an Azure workshop at Microsoft's UK headqaurters that day, and was being supported by one of my colleagues who was architect and technical lead for CloudStore. He ended up dealing with the outage of the app in front of twenty people learning Azure! It was a fun day, looking for a way to ressurect the dead application while becoming progrssively aware, in a public setting, of a barrage of bad press and social media concerning CloudStore. Being on an MS site, we had access to some of the internal logs and information, so had a bit more insight into what was happening. I can say that this article really does appear to conform to our experience and to the information available to us. It provides a really good and detailed insight into what went down that day. The biggest surpsirse for me was to learn that MS had deliberatly switched the portal off. We had assumed that the portal was knocked out somehow by the leap day bug.

March 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCharles Young

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