FIX: Missing itinerary designer after installing BizTalk 2013

This happened to me. I’m not sure if it will prove to be a common problem, or just something specific to me, but I put this post together to save time for others that may run into it.

Scenario: I did a clean install of BizTalk Sever 2013. When I went into Visual Studio 2012, I did not have the option to add ESB Toolkit itinerary designers to a BizTalk project.

Explanation: During the BizTalk 2013 beta the itinerary designer was distributed as a VSIX package. However, in the RTM version it is no longer there. I went into the registry and saw there were entries for the designer, implying it was installed, yet it was not in Visual Studio.

Turns out that VSIX installation step is now integrated into the ESB Toolkit installation (yeah!), which is why there was no longer a separate VSIX package.

Fix: go to a Visual Studio command prompt, and run “devenv.exe /setup”. This “Forces Visual Studio to merge the resource metadata that describes menus, toolbars, and command groups, from all available VSPackages. ” (see

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Thanks ... I was just applying forehead to desk over that ... :-)

Also - make sure to run the command promp elevated with administrator privileges ,or you will get the error "The operation could not be completed".

April 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLars

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